Running lamp housing repair

Guide and pictures by Devin Fisher

Applicability Difficulty Time Materials Tools
1989-1991 (All Taurus trims) Simple two to four hours (procedure) plus epoxy cure time 100 grit sandpaper, plastic epoxy Box ended wench (11M), razor blade
  1. Remove the housings from the front of the car by taking out the single nut holding them in and disconnecting the bulb from the housing.
  2. Once the housing is removed, use a razor blade to clear off any large chunks of material leftover on the lens part of the housing.
  3. Lens housing cleaning
    Cleaning the lens housing
  4. Once the lens mounting surface has been roughly cleaned with the razor blade, take a small piece of sandpaper, fold it several times and sand down the mounting surface to a uniform texture, making sure to remove any remnants of the original adhesive/plastic. Be sure not to scratch the optical portions of the lens.
  5. The housing back is a softer plastic, that appears to have been fused to the lens with heat. Due to this there shouldn't be any actual adhesive on the surface, but it will most likely be very rough. Take the sandpaper and smooth out any non-uniform portions of plastic. The razor can be used once again to remove larger chunks of material.
  6. Rear of the housing
    Close up of the rear of the lamp housing.
  7. Mix up the epoxy following its directions, and using a precision tool, spread the epoxy along the mating surface of the rear housing.
  8. Applying epoxy to the rear housing
    Applying epoxy to the rear of the housing
  9. Following the same procedure as before, apply the epoxy to mating surface of the lens. Be very careful not to get any epoxy on the optical portion of the lens as you'll need to use a solvent to get it off before joining the two components.
  10. Join the two sides together, and adjust the two pieces until they meet up exactly. Using some masking tape, put two short pieces across the joint on each side of the housing to hold them together, then taking some more tape while holding the housing tight wrap the sucker up good.
  11. Spare the tape, spoil the bond
    Spare the tape, spoil the bond
  12. Let the epoxy cure (the one I used was a 24 hour cure) and then reattach it to the car, making sure to seat the bulb holder in fully and then tighten down the nut onto the housing stud (don't overtighten!).