Classic V6 SHO 60K Guide, brought to you by SHO Phoenix Project

60K Maintenance
Applicability 1992-1995 MTX and ATX(and 1989-1991 with minor differences)
Skill Level Intermediate
Special Tools See tools list

"60K" is a term used loosely, as you can see many parts only need to be replaced every 120,000 miles. In addition, the intervals are different for the MTX and the ATX. However, if you have more than 100,000 miles on your engine and you do not know about it's maintenance history, it would be wise to go ahead and do the "120K". Now, the purpose for going into the top of the engine every 60,000 miles it to do the valve shim adjustment. The rest of the "upper 60k" items are things you might as well do while you are in there, and often they do need to be replaced. This includes the Spark Plugs. The other items are supposed to be replaced every other 60k, or at the "120k". These include: Plug Wires, Valve Cover and Plug Well Seals, and Intake Manifold Gaskets. As mentioned however, if you have more than 100,000 miles on your SHO and are unsure of the history, or if you have oil in the plug wells (a sign that your SHO hasn't been well maintained) then just go ahead and do the "120k". What about the valve shims? There are no less than 24 shims that need to be checked, and you have no way of know which ones will need to be replaced until you acually get into the engine, or what sizes you will need. The solution to this is a valve shim kit rental. SHOPP is proud to present our own Valve Shim and Tool Rental Kit which has both a variety of different shims and the special tools.

The other items listed are the Thermostat (60k) and the O2 sensors (120k). These are included in the "upper 60k" but are not really a part of it, they can be done anytime. Many people wait until they get an O2 sensor problem code from the computer (see Checking your Engine Codes) before replacing them, and they replace the thermostat when it stops working correctly. We recommend replacing them at the set intervals.

Now, the purpose of going into the front of the engine is to replace the timing belt, which you are supposed to do at 60,000 miles (MTX, 3.0) or 100,000 miles (ATX 3.2). (The reason for this is the ATX has a hydraulic tensioner which is easier on the belt.) While you are in there, it would be just silly not to replace the other parts, since you are right there and have done all the work of getting in there. These include: Water pump, Crank Position Sensor, Front Main Seal, and Camshaft Oil Seals. The lower radiator hose and Camshaft Position Sensor are also listed, but these are not difficult to change at other times, so they can be left until they stop working correctly.

Maintenance intervals
Part 60,000 100,000 120,000 As needed Guide
Valve shims ATX MTX Upper
Spark plugs ATX MTX Upper
Plug wires ATX MTX Upper
Valve cover & plug well seals ATX MTX Upper
Intake manifold gaskets ATX MTX Upper
Thermostat ATX MTX Upper
Oxygen sensors ATX MTX Upper
Timing belt MTX ATX Front
Water pump/gasket ATX MTX Front
Crank position sensor MTX ATX Front
Front main seal MTX ATX Front
Camshaft oil seals ATX MTX Front
CID (Cam sensor) ATX MTX Front