Note, these tables are not updated to reflect any changes to the official torque specifications produced by the manufacturer. Therefore use these specifications as guidelines only. Always double check values and use calibrated tools when torquing any component that involves the safety of the driver and passengers! No one involved with this website is responsible for any use of this information.
Brake component torque specs
Component Torque/Ft. Lbs.
Anchor plate retaining bolts 45-65
Brake hose connection to caliper (front) 30-45
Caliper bleeder screw (front) 6-15
Caliper bleeder screw 71-115 in/lbs
Caliper locating pin (front) 18-25
Engine Torque Specs
1989 - 1994
Component Torque/Ft. Lbs.
A/C Compressor Bracket Bolts 27-40
Alternator 25-36
Alternator and A/C Pulley and Bracket 11-16
Camshaft Bearing Caps Tighten in two steps, first to 71-106 in/lbs then 12-16 ft/lbs
Camshaft sensor 6-8
Camshaft sprocket bolts 10-13
Chain tensioner 11-14
Connecting rod nuts 1989: 28ft/lbs, 1990-94 tighten in two steps, first to 22-26 ft/lbs then to 33-36 ft/lbs
Converter to engine 19-34
Crankshaft pulley bolt 113-126
Crankshaft sensor bolts 13-22in/lbs
Cylinder head bolts lookup procedure
EGR tube to exhaust manifold 11-16
Engine coolant temperature sensor 12-17
Engine mount lookup procedure
Exhaust manifold to cylinder head 26-38
Exhaust pipe to manifold 16-24
Flywheel Tighten in two steps, first to 29-43 ft/lbs, then to 51-58 ft/lbs
Front cover bolts 60-90 in/lbs
Fuel rail 11-16
Heat shield 11-16
Idler pulley nut 25-36
Ignition coil pack bracket 21-31
Ignition coil pack screws 3.3-5.2
Intake manifold 11-16
Intake manifold crossover tube 11-16
Knock sensor 22-28
Main bearing caps 1989, tighten in two steps: first to 37-50 ft/lbs, then to 58-60 ft/lbs; 1990-92, tighten in two steps: first to 34-50 ft/lbs then to 58-54 ft/lbs. 1993-94?
Main bearing support beam 1989: 11-17 ft/lbs; 1990-94: 15-24 ft/lbs
Oil drain plug 15-24
Oil pickup tube 60-90 in/lbs
Oil pressure sending switch 12-17
Oil pump 11-16
Oil screen 6-8
Oil seal carrier bolts 55-82 in/lbs
Oil sump to oil pump 6-8
Power steering pump pulley 40-50
Pressure plate 12-24
Spark plugs 17-19
Tension locknut 25-37
Thermostat housing 5-8
Throttle body bolts 12-16
Throttle position sensor 18-26 in/lbs
Timing belt rear cover 70 in/lbs
Transaxle to engine 25-35
Upper oil baffle 11-16
Valve arm cover bolts 8-11
Water pump pulley 11-16
Water pump 1989-90: 5-6 ft/lbs; 1991: 12-17 ft/lbs; 1992-94: 12-16 ft/lbs
Component Torque value